The T-Rex Science Center offers permanent and temporary exhibits about dinosaurs and prehistoric life as well as hands-on opportunities for visitors to touch and dig for real fossils. The museum is primarily a self guided tour augmented with hands on touch exhibits and QR codes that make the experience more interactive. Just point your phone or device camera at the QR code and be transformed. Note that due to Covid-19 precautions some hands on exhibits have been minimized.

  • Dinosaur Skeletons
  • Fleshed-Out Life Size Dinosaur Models
  • Fossil Discovery Dig Pit
  • Fossil Preparation Lab
  • Authentic Dinosaur Bones
  • Real West Virginia Fossils
  • Giant Dinosaur Murals
  • Giant Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzles
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Coloring Pages
  • Fossil Rubbing Plates
  • Giant Jenga
  • Giant Connect 4
  • Dinosaur Movies
  • Mineral Exhibits
  • Megalodon Shark Jaws
  • 30 Foot Geologic Time Mural
  • 100 Meter Geologic Time Walk
  • Baby Dinosaur Puppets
  • Augmented Reality Topographic Sandbox
  • 3000 Square Foot Dinosaur & Science Gift Shop
  • Much, much more!

New Attractions

NEW 18 Hole Mini Golf

Our 18 hole Trex Mini Golf course opened May 15. It’s not only great fun but educational also. Here in the great outdoors is plenty of fresh air and great social distancing. There are 4 large dinosaurs to play around and through. Each hole also is a stop on a geologic timeline where between shots you can learn about the first 1 billion years of West Virginia geologic and prehistoric history. There are also 3 Jurassic Spinners which allow you to spin a wheel to reveal how you are to take your next shot. Maybe something like take your next shot standing on one leg.

Hole 18 Play Thru The Triceratops

NEW Outdoor Gem Mining

We’ve added a 30 foot long 3 tiered flowing water gem mine adventure. Buy 3 pound Paydirt or 10 pound Mother Lode bags of mine rough and wash it through screens in the stream to find hidden treasure such as Amethyst, Amber, Quartz Crystals, Shark Teeth and Arrowheads. Each mine rough bag comes with a collection bag and color identification charts.

Gem Mining

NEW Gift Shop & Snacks

In addition to the golf and gem mine there is also a gift shop and snack bar with cold drinks and frozen treats.

Coming Exhibits

Tsintosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton Coming To Trex Science Center

Trex Science Center will reveal this new exhibit June 27, 2020

Tsintosaurus (sin-tau-SAWR-us) was a late Cretaceous dinosaur. It is one of the first dinosaurs ever to be displayed in China and is the only giant Hadrosaur with a vertical bony projection or spike on the top of its head. This spike is particularly odd because, unlike other crested Hadrosaurs, the spike projects forward and up, just like the legendary unicorn. The diet of Tsintosaurus was probably grass, fruit, twigs, pine needles and seeds. This replica was made from the one and only original specimen on display at the Beijing Natural History Museum. This specimen is approximately 33 feet long, from head to tail and stands just over 10 feet high at the hips.

Exhibits & Attractions

The Dino Gift shop

The T-Rex Science Center has a 3,000 square foot science gift and discovery shop. The gift shop has everything from plush dinosaurs to science kits to real fossils and minerals. Visitors can come in anytime to shop at their leisure for that special person. The Dino Gift Shop has a very helpful and knowledgeable staff to help in choosing your gifts.

Fossil Discovery Dig

Brush away the sand to reveal a 6 foot long Spinosaurus dinosaur skull and 20+ other dinosaur teeth, claws and bones. This dig is included with museum admission.

Giant 3D Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle Assembly

Kids from 2 to 92 will love assembling giant, free standing, dinosaur skeleton puzzles as part of the museum admission. These puzzles are so big that the entire family can join in to build the dinosaur and learn about skeletal anatomy and even the visual perception, hand eye coordination needed to assemble and return puzzle pieces to their simulated rock wall. This activity is included in the Museum admission.

Kids Activity Corner Included In Museum

Children are supplied with dinosaur coloring pages, dinosaur rubbing plates, dinosaur play mats, dinosaur dot to dot, dinosaur word search, dinosaur puzzles, giant Jenga blocks, giant Connect 4, crafts and paper construction projects as part of the museum admission. Note: Due to Covid-19 concerns some of our hands on activities may be temporarily unavailable.

Augmented Reality (AR) Hands On Science

The Rainbow Sandbox

In this Augmented Reality experiment equal elevation contour lies are projected onto the sand to create a color coded elevation map, representing the corresponding topography onto the sand’s surface.

Contour lines and contour maps are a 2 dimensional graph representing 3 dimensional measurements. The measurement may be elevation, temperature, pressure, depth, thickness, rainfall, wind, and many more. Points along any contour have equal value. The closer together contour lines appear the steeper or greater the change in value. The contour lines of a cliff face would be very close together while a flat meadow would have contour lines that are far apart. Can you think of other data sets what might be contoured?

Move the sand around to create mountains, valleys, rivers, islands, peninsulas, etc.

As you move the sand the projected colors and contour lines change accordingly.

Place your hand above the sand at different heights. Spread your fingers apart as you move your hand above the sand. You should see virtual rain appear on the surface. The water will move across the sand and will eventually disappear as it is filtered into the sand.

Foucault Pendulum Demonstration

Foucault’s pendulum is an experiment demonstrating the Earth’s rotation. When Leon Foucault first performed the experiment in 1851, the concept that the Earth revolves was nothing new or radical; the pendulum’s accomplishment was to provide a proof that did not require minute observations of the stars or other objects far removed from Earth. Foucault’s pendulum is a highly localized, easily prepared experiment whose result is clear, powerful, and accessible even to the non-scientist. In short, the pendulum provides everything science teacher could ask for in an instructional experiment. Our custom made pendulum weight 40 kilograms (88 pounds) and swings on a 26 foot cable. It is on loan from our good friends and patrons Robert & Libby Strong from the SMART Centre in Wheeling, WV

Free Fossil and Mineral Identification

Do you have a special fossil, mineral or rock you’ve always wanted identified or wanted to know more about? Bring it to T-rex and have our geologist and paleontologist look at it. It’s free, no cost. If you can’t make it into the museum or if the specimen is to large take photos of it from several angles and text the photos to us at 304.282.2306. Please include at least the county and state where you found the specimen. That information is critical to a proper identification.

Special Programs & Presentations

Guest Speakers and visiting specialists will show and discuss current events in science. Please like and follow our Facebook page to keep current on the times of these events. Search Trex Science Center on Facebook.

Upcoming Programs

How Do We Know Dinosaur Bones and Fossils are Millions of Years Old?

Past Programs

How We Know That The Earth Is Not Flat?

Presented January 17, 2020
Join Dr. John Briggs in the first of a series of presentations and discussions through scientific method of “How Do We Know”. Dr. Briggs will take us through hundreds of years of debate, reasoning and direct evidence that show us how we know that the Earth is a sphere and not flat. Whether you believe or not you will come away with new knowledge about maps, space and how science shows us the world around us.

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