The T-Rex Science Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization developed and staffed by dedicated volunteers located in Charleston, WV.  Your support and kindness are critical to the success of bringing educational enrichment through hands on learning opportunities about dinosaurs, natural history and science to the Kanawha Valley and beyond.

T-rex Science Center the Back Story

In the spring of 2017, Charleston native Scott Breeden, a 3rd generation stone cutter and owner of J.S. Breeden Builders broke open this stone and found something strange inside. He showed the strange looking stone to several people who agreed it was strange but didn’t know what it might be. After searching the internet and a few books Scott and friend John Hotopp thought it must be a fossil, But of what. John had heard of a fossil exhibit being held in Clarksburg, WV and that a local paleontologist would be there that might be able to identify their discovery. One cold February day they traveled to Clarksburg to show their mystery to the paleontologist there. Once there and after seeing the dinosaur and fossil exhibits at Harrison County Parks & Recreation they met E. Ray Garton, paleontologist and Curator of the West Virginia Geological Survey Museum in Morgantown. Ray studied the mystery rock, turning it this way and that way and inspecting it under a magnifying glass. After some questions about where and how the object was found he considered the geological options and concluded it was the fossil of a kind of fossil tree branch preserved in sandstone and some 300 million years old. The story might have ended right there but Scott was intrigued by the dinosaur exhibit he was seeing. He asked what it would take to bring something like this to Charleston. E. Ray said one of the main things needed was a building large enough to hold dinosaurs. On the drive back to Charleston Scott and John had a long discussion about what they saw and how they might bring this experience to Charleston. Over the next year and a half Scott and E. Ray talked many times and finally a plan was born to bring dinosaurs to Charleston to share with the community. There were a few false starts and setbacks along the journey but now you see before you the beginnings of T-rex Science Center. Our vision is to provide new recreational and educational opportunities to the Kanawha Valley and beyond. What you see here is funded by private donations. However, we could go extinct like the dinosaurs without your support. Please be generous and kind.


To bringing visual enrichment and hands on learning opportunities about dinosaurs, natural history and science to the Kanawha Valley and beyond.

Map & Directions

520 Southridge Blvd
Charleston, West Virginia 25309

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